Sunday, April 8, 2012

Valentine Lace on Easter

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February Tin Topper
Valentine Lace

Of all things, I took the above picture with my cell phone.  Turns out just as good as all my other bad pictures.  I did NOT enjoy stitching this at all.  I made a mistake, restarted, made a mistake, restarted, and finally made a mistake and said forget it and kept going.  It turned out fine, it's almost impossible to tell where my mistake is, though I'll always know.  I am one freaking thread off somewhere.  The geometric nature of the pattern was not forgiving and I could barely see on the relatively small coffee-colored evenweave.  

I did however LOVE my first finishing class at my LNS!  I loved spending a couple hours with other stitchers and learning a new technique.  I also think I will be better at Chirstmas ornaments because of this class!  I wish I could show you the cording trick she taught.  You can't tell where my cording ends and begins, it's awesome.  The finished product came out so beautiful that I am actually tempted to stitch another.  <GASP>  Maybe an "easier" pattern?  I say "easier" because by looking at this one, I expected this one to be quick and easy.  The thing is I think my godmother would actually like this design.  I finished the inside with a big cabbage rose pattern.  It looks nice.  I'm making a note I should have taken inside pictures too.  I'd love to make one of these as a RAK for any stitcher I know, the problem is the only other stitcher I really know is my Godmother.

I also finished my nephew's birth sampler (finally) and a small owl ornament, but those pictures will come along another day. I have to figure out if it is possible to block the name in the birth sampler without making it pointless to show a picture.   I reached the point where I could start working on Puppy's (not my nephew's real name) stocking and I am so excited.  

I hope you all had a blessed Easter.  

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