Stitching To-Do List 2012

Hey -- a girl can dream . . . 

Christmas Ornaments:
Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue 2011:
1) Love and Joy -- JBW designs
2) Noel Stamp Ornament -- Jeanette Douglas Designs
3) Yuletide -- Plum Street Samplers
4) Christmas Cat Tree -- Buttercup Designs (this is for my daughter and I am super excited to stitch it for her but a little nervous about the triangle shape)
5) Twinkle -- Courtney Collection
6) Christmas Cardinal -- Gemini Designs (for my Godmother, also super excited)
7) Winter Squirrel -- The Victoria Sampler (for a good friend)
8) Jolly -- Miss Crescent's Crowne (this is actually on the picture page as being named Joy not Jolly)
9) Geometric floral ornament -- M designs

Sharon over at It's Daffycat has several free designs that are on my list::
10) Snow Hop February 2012 ornament
11) Various Reindeer -- starting with Ribbon Reindeer, I believe

My Big Toe Designs from their Christmas Pinkies I 
12) For unto us 
13) Peace, love, joy.  

Plum Street Samplers 
14) Adore Him   January 2012 Ornament

My oldest UFO:
Morehead Holly Babes Angel Ornaments

Shepard's Bush Reed's Stocking
My Big Toe Designs Be Still and Know 
Tin Toppers Valentine Lace Done March 29,2012
Primrose Needleworks It's Never Too Late
Lizzie Kate A Child Was Born Done March 30, 2012

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