Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's only 12 but . . .

It is my oldest UFO.

8576 Angelic Ornaments by Dimensions C9) 1998
Holly Babes

If you can see it satisfactorily, it is 8 Morehead Angels.  I have a few ideas why this ended up a UFO after 2006.  But what was I doing from 1999 to 2006?  Evidently just procrastinating   Well, and reproducing.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these angels, as you might suspect from my selection of them for Sunshine's stocking and then again for Monkey's stocking.  I HATE HATE HATE that these particular ornaments are stitched on plastic canvas.  I find it quite fatiguing.  They (including on the stockings) also use a lot of blending -- 1 strand of this with 2 of that.  In 2006, little Monkey was diagnosed with autism and our life became a whirlwind of therapies and doctors for several years. During that time, these angels were just too "complicated" to carry around and stitch in waiting rooms.  The last few years Sunshine has been having health problems.  

So right now I am uber focused on my UFO below -- Monkey's stocking.  It must be done for this Christmas.  That particular piece was a UFO from 2004.  

Now, I have to tell you.  I was never ever going to stitch one of these angels again when I finish these projects, but yesterday I saw the cutest stocking with a Morehead angel and a little mouse. I adore Christmas mice.  I clicked away from the page, but . . .

That said, in a drawer not even started I do have a gingerbread mice stocking pattern for myself.

Hmmmmm . . .

In hopes of being urged along, I have joined a oldest UFO stitch-along being managed by EvalinaMaria.  What do you have in your drawer that's begging you to join?

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