Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Count your blessings . . .

Count Your Blessings

It's exciting to finish even a simple project!  It's been quite a year here and for a lot of reasons, counting my blessings has been pertinent and in the past two days I have realized just how blessed I have been this past year.  I have an amazing family and phenomenal friends who have given me a world of support since my daughter has had serious neuro complications, my mother has been sick (including a stroke and a coma), and I left my husband.  I couldn't have made it through without any of them, and here I stand stronger and happier because of all of them when I "should" be battered, beaten, and broken.  

The above isn't a great picture.  For one, I apparently don't know how to take a decent picture of my stitching. Any tips?  I suspect my first error is the obvious one.  I am taking pictures at night in artificial light.  I am thinking daytime natural light?  I also had trouble evening out the design for the picture so it looks like I stitch like, well, not, like, good.  I am not going to be asked to stitch models anytime soon, but I am not THAT bad.  This is actually stitched on a flour sack dish towel, so evening it out for the picture just wasn't happening.

I love Lizzie Kate and this Count Your Blessings freebie seemed like a perfect Thanksgiving hostess gift for my dear SIL's mother who has invited my son and I over for Thanksgiving.  This would be my brother's wife's parents.  No obligation to me, and yet they are opening their arms wide.  I wanted it to look more autumnal then the original so I stitched it using a DMC variegated (4130) for count and blessings, Weeks Dye Works Brandy for the middle of the flowers, DMC 720 for the flowers, DMC 367 for the leaves of the flowers, and DMC 221 for the word your and the border.  Other than the DMC variegated, everything existed in my stash of threads.  I initially was not going to use a button, but that space definitely needed something.  If you plan on doing this pattern without the charm, plan for that.  As you can see below, the space needs filling, whether you use a button, charm, or I think you could even stitch another one or two of those simple flowers there.  I would definitely stitch this again as it turned out precious, and I think even better in these colors than in the original design colors.  

Lizzie Kate Count Your Blessings sans button

Several people are getting stitched flour sack towels for me this year for Christmas, so before December 25th (hopefully) there will be several more of them.  Monkey's stocking is definitely the priority right now though.  No worries people, as long as it is done for Santa the Monkey will be happy!

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 

1 Thessalonians 5:18

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