Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stocking progress

It may not by my Oldest UFO but it is an old UFO that IS getting finished for Santa.  Sebastian (not his real name) is quite thrilled that I put his name on the stocking this week.  I have therefore cut his name out of this and any following pictures.  I made nice progress finishing up the angel's behind and all I have left on the bear arm is one color.  

Holly Angel's Friend stocking (Sunset/Dimensions)
 Progress 11/26/2011

11/13/2011 progress

And a treat for us -- Sebastian and I went out to see my father who has his RV only about 50 miles away right now!  We got to see deer, longhorn, and thsi beauty!  Can you see him?  He is quite fond of their campsite and has been hanging out right near it.  

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