Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas is coming , , ,

Inspired by Pam and her super ornament to-do list I am also going to make a list to try to keep myself on task. That said, I ahd no idea where to start.  I thought maybe with the obvious -- my 2011 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue.

So, in order of how they appear in the magaizine --
1) Love and Joy -- JBW designs
2) Noel Stamp Ornament -- Jeanette Douglas Designs
3) Yuletide -- Plum Street Samplers
4) Christmas Cat Tree -- Buttercup Designs (this is for my daughter and I am super excited to stitch it for her but a little nervous about the triangle shape)
5) Twinkle -- Courtney Collection
6) Christmas Cardinal -- Gemini Designs (for my Godmother, also super excited)
7) Winter Squirrel -- The Victoria Sampler (for a good friend)
8) Jolly -- Miss Crescent's Crowne (this is actually on the picture page as being named Joy not Jolly)
9) Geometric floral ornament -- M designs

Sharon over at It's Daffycat has several free designs that are on my list::
1) Snow Hop
2) Various Reindeer -- starting with Ribbon Reindeer, I believe

I love My Big Toe Designs, though I have  yet to actually stitch any.  My LNS is actually having a trunk show featuring them in a week.  Who knows what that will add to my to-do list. For now on my Christmas to-do list are two ornaments from their Christmas Pinkies I -- For unto us and Peace, love, joy.  

Also, Plum Street Samplers has a freebie, Adore Him that I actually wanted to do LAST year.  Better late than never.  

By my count that is 14.  So far?  ROFL.  I better get to stitching.  It's a good thing I have joined The 2012 Ornament-A-Month-Challenge SAL.    

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