Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's ToodleDO not Don't Do

Have I mentioned I love Toodledo? It is an online to-do list that you can separate into folders, assign priority levels, and give due dates. Because it is internet based, you can access it from anywhere you have internet, and it has a "slim" design for your phone/iPod/other device.   If you so chose, it will also email you a "hot list."  The hot list is a fantastic way to remind yourself myself of what it is you I forgot to do yesterday!

For example, yesterday was The Oldest UFO day.  I should have posted a picture of the progress of my oldest UFO.  You guessed it, I forgot.

Evalina however is a kinder gentler blogger and is not disqualifying people for gross incompetence forgetfulness.  I get a whole new fresh start this month, so it is only fair to post my starting point.

This is where I was last month:

Be prepared to be amazed.

This is where I am this month:

I know what you are thinking.  Did she work on it?  Surely not.  I did, I promise.

It's hard to tell, I know, but her whole little wing is filled in with the shiny pain to work with beautiful iridescent ribbon.  

I still get a lot of hand fatigue working on this.  The needle is huge, so I am going to try a smaller needle and see if it helps and I can still work on the (sigh) plastic canvas with it.  I also can't find where it says what colors to use for backstitch, though obviously 12 years ago it probably had those directions.  I do have those four angels on top complete though, so I can use them to figure it out.

My goal for next month?  Simply to have this little one's backstitching done as otherwise she is complete.  Then 5/8 angels will be done!

In my defense, I was busy stitching away on my second oldest UFO, Sebastian's stocking, which was completed and hung on the mantle with care and pride right next to his Sissy's.

They do have names -- I have cut them off in the picture on purpose.  I forgot to move the cat's picture before I took a picture, but I hate to put this post off, because I am most surely going to forget again.  

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