Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Understandably Unfinished Update

I did some work on my Oldest UFO this month! 

January 2012 progress close up
8576 Angelic Ornaments by Dimensions C9) 1998
Holly Babes

January 2012 progress
8576 Angelic Ornaments by Dimensions C9) 1998
Holly Babes

I met (and beat) my goal from where I was last month: 

December 2011 progress
8576 Angelic Ornaments by Dimensions C9) 1998
Holly Babes
which was simply to finish back-stitching the little ice-skater angel.  

Here is the thing.  I HATE THIS UFO!!!  I considered quitting.  I said it, you heard it, QUITTING.  I have precious little stitching time and 5 out of 8 ornaments is still 5 ornaments, right?



I didn't have it in me.  One, I enjoy the stitch along and don't really want to quit.  Two, it's no pressure.  I have all year.  So I figured I would just make small small small goals and see how it goes.  This month my goal is just to get the next angel's hair and face done.  Three, I really do LOVE these angelic ornaments.  It is the %$#^&@*(# plastic canvas I hate.  I had no idea a billion years ago when I started it that now in my older years where I type 8 hours a day to make a living plastic canvas would be exhausting.  In my naive days,well, it is what came in the kit. y needle doesn't glide though.  Who knew I got so much joy from a gliding needle?

Speaking of joy -- how's this?

That is Sunshine, Sebastian, and Grandpa's Dog.  Now, you may be wondering a few things.  Like, why am I letting my children play in the water when it is January.  I have a few good reasons.  The dog was doing it.  Children uniformly seem to believe if it is good enough for the dog it is good enough for them.  It was also over 70 here.  The water is in the 50s, cold for us grownups but as warm as some lakes up north ever get.  It's been a rough 2011 and 2012 seems to be slowly better.  This was a joyful afternoon.  Simple joy.  And look at Sebastian (again, not his real name).  Standing in his socks in the rocks in the water.  That child has autism.  This is HUGE HUGE HUGE!  That boy in the rocks in his socks in the river, that boy is one of the two best reasons why I am no quitter.

*&^%$& angels.  

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